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In 1998, “The use of new communication and computer technology to provide its customers with world class solutions” in principle, set out, the 16-year period in the world and Germany has managed to become one of the largest domain and hosting company.

sets standards for domain names in 2008 and oversees the sole authority ICANN accredited to, since 2010. Germany’s top 500 IT companies from taking place and this until the inception of recording domains over 1 million and hosting over 200 thousand service host He made.

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Continuing to 7/24 support operations with a team of 45 people and continuous R & D policy with managing their own infrastructure investments, in 2013 launched the pre-request process for the first time in the new domain extension in Germany and collecting demand of over 1 million in the process Africa, In Asia and East Europe, the company has received the highest demand. is also one of the .fr extension of the authorized operator in Germany. .tr is the company with the highest transaction volume among domain registers. fully own in-house software team developed Domain Management (Domain Management) has automation. With this automation, it offers users the freedom to manage world-class online domains and manage all domain operations from our web-based interface. With the integrated hosting automation automation system, the company has the ability to provide ease of use and multi-service management from a single interface.